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Local and Sustainable Hardwood Flooring, Woodworking, and Design

Red Beard Woodworks specializes in the use of local and sustainably grown hardwoods to create beautiful and environmentally responsible works of wood for your home or business.

Based in Spring Green, Wisconsin, we are best known for our custom-blended hardwood floors that showcase the rich diversity of hardwoods that grow in our backyard. Our biggest source of timber is our 120 acre family property - which is managed with care to ensure long-term sustainability and health. We also source wood from our custom sawmilling customers, who frequently contact us to sawmill dead or dying trees, blowdowns, or urban yard trees that must be removed.

In addition to flooring, we also do custom cabinetry, vanities and countertops, wall and ceiling paneling, custom moulding, interior sculptural timber work and more!

Besides handcrafted interior woodworking, we are also passionate about green and natural building as a whole system. We work with clients from start to finish to design and build custom cabins, homes, and outbuildings. We encourage the use of local Wisconsin timber as a building material, and specialize particularly in beautiful, strong, and durable timber frames frequently made from wood harvested on the customer's property.

We belong to the Blue Heron Natural Builder's Guild -- an association that links us with folks offering strawbale, natural clay and plaster for truly beautiful and natural wall and insulation systems.

We are also proud founding members of the Spring Green Green Squared Builder's Alliance -- an association of Spring Green area building and design tradespeople who want Spring Green to lead to the way in building green, local, and sustainable.

Please check back here often and learn more as this website unfolds. And don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas.

Thanks for spending the time to learn about what we're doing.

Alex Greene, owner